Hmmmmm Decisions..

I think back to my feeder setup last year at this time and it was rolling. I had a variety of birds I took for granted. The birds came and went all day long, practically cleaning me out of food on a semi-weekly basis. Winter hit, and the cleaning out became almost daily. The price got high (around $25/mo for birds…lol), but the rewards were worth it, imo.

Now, since I let the feeders go empty this summer, I have noticed my neighbors, who weren’t feeding birds last year, are now feeding them. I see nyjer seed in one backyard, and I see multiple feeders in others. Now, I know where my traffic has gone!

However, I made a statement in an article last year that Black-oil Sunflower seed is a songbird’s favorite. It may be time to test that theory for myself. I have been using a cheap mix of millet, sunflower, safflower, and some crap I can’t identify. I can tell you it is great for doves and sparrows. I plan to do the same as last winter when I sprinkled this stuff on the ground for the overwintering sparrow population. However, I have yet to see a cardinal in the past month…and that’s hard to do. I have only seen titmice and chickadees at my small platform feeder that I have been putting sunflower seeds in.

Bottom line: I think we are on to something here. It may be time to hang the nyjer sock again and the sunflower probably has to make a comeback. I haven’t seen anyone in the neighborhood using exclusively sunflower seed. (Probably because they haven’t read my blog…lol)

This lack of traffic is also the reason I haven’t been taking any bird photos. It’s hard to take a picture of something that just isn’t there. I’ll get them back. You can rest assured of that. I’m too competitive a person not to….


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