October Bird Count..

I thought I’d try and get these in each Friday. However, I keep getting caught up in other things. So, I thought I’d get one, sort of, in today…

I have rearranged my feeders. Most are empty right now, but I have a platform feeder up in the trees and a hopper feeder hanging down near the ground from a high branch on a long chain. Under the hopper feeder, I have a “pit” that catches dropped seeds. The pit is bordered by a bunch of old, weathered logs which should make for some great images when I get more traffic this fall and winter.

So far, I’m using a cheap mix of seed that contains a lot of millet. Generally, this isn’t the best mix for songbirds, but it isn’t bad if you have a lot of squirrels because it’s cheap. The millet attracts tons of sparrows (not a bad thing if you have native species), grackles, and doves. I have a large population of Eurasian Tree Sparrows, and they are immediately back with the mixed seed. I saw about 10 at the same time yesterday. I saw a grackle today, and I’ve had half a dozen doves for a couple of days.

In the platform feeder, I have seen titmice and chickadees since all I put in there is black-oil sunflower seeds. I have yet to see Cardinals, but have seen a nuthatch or two. I am anxiously awaiting Juncos and wintering sparrows like the White-throated and Lincoln’s…both of which I saw for the first time last year.

Till then….Keep Chuggin’!


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