Hummingbird Migration..

I’ve been away and working on a new photoblog lately. I haven’t been able to give much time to the birding. However, one thing I’ve done is watch the hummingbird migration.

It’s winding down here in St. Louis, albeit slowly. The last of the juveniles look to be coming through. I’m keeping the feeder up so every last one of them has a place to remember.

Once I take it down, I plan to put it back up around late March. That should be a week or so ahead of the first guys coming back north.

I’ve had tons of fun watching them up close this year. I haven’t really nailed a great photo yet, but it’s the journey, right?

See you soon…


3 Responses to Hummingbird Migration..

  1. Josy says:

    Have you publicized this new photoblog of yours yet? I’ve looked through some of the past photos that you’ve posted around here, and your bird photos are really lovely!

    (But, well, heck, if I can just get a bird in focus, I consider it a win.)

    I hope we get to see it soon. 🙂

    • Josy says:

      D’oi. I clicked on your avatar instead of the link you so kindly provided on my page. Please disregard my whole previous comment. (Except the bit about your bird photos being lovely. I still stand by that part.)

      • choppography says:

        I honestly try to publicize my blogs a bit when I’m actively working on them. The birding blog is falling down my priority list, but will pick up as winter nears. The other blog,, is where I am spending a lot of my time. And, it’s gaining traction slowly. You can always search “choppography” on google since I’m the only one with the name…..hard to do these days….I got lucky there.

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