Prepping the Fall Garden..

Things are picking up speed now that our 100+ heat wave has broken.

Just thought I’d add that some things have sprouted. The transplanted, leggy lettuces are slowly recovering. I have radishes again! And, my Salad Bowl lettuces have popped up. Still waiting on broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots to show up.

But, I went ahead and vermiculite started some stuff today, too. More lettuces, spinaches, and carrots. I should have a dozen fall squares planted soon. For you non-SquareFootGardeners, I have 4 squares of potatoes doing well. That will yield me somewhere close to 20lbs of potatoes around Thanksgiving. I have 16 radishes growing to garnish salads. I have about 96 carrots on the way. 45 lettuce plants I snip from regularly. Add to that the 32 spinach plants I just seeded today.

The object is to load up for cooler weather when things stop growing. I will harvest some plants and they won’t recover for a month or more instead of a week. So, I need to sound overplanted to get what I need.

And, all this in about 48 sq ft….about the size of a bathroom. I spent a grand total of $19 on seeds for the ENTIRE year, and have bought a total of 3 heads of lettuce from the store. So, you keep shopping. I’ll keep growing my own. The cool part, imo, is YOU could do this too. I don’t have a green thumb.

Let’s hope the weather holds!


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