Chinese Slaves..

On rare occasion, a political rant of mine will find it’s way onto the blog. Here’s one for you..

Thank you, Standard & Poors, for sending our nation the wake-up call we need! Now, that we are officially exposed as idiots that sold our souls to China, they will come calling. Asking us to cut our military and domestic, social expenses to remain solvent is a political attempt to weaken us. So, here’s the solution: Turn STL, a central point in the US and strategically close to pretty critical Air Force arsenals, into a major shipping hub so China can gain access into our center. Nope, our politicians already did that to us. Why? Because we are such whores for a falling dollar. Please, God, give us leadership with more foresight, not more politicians. Usually, I let you do things in your time, but can you put a rush on this one? We have an election coming in a couple of years, and I don’t trust our citizens to make the right choices anymore.

My grandmother was absolutely nuts, politically speaking. But, she turns out to be right again. If we keep heading down the road we are on, we will literally sell our country to Communism…..and they won’t even fire a shot. They will take us through our children’s educations and do so with engraved invitations from our STUPID political leaders. My vision of this formerly incredible country is becoming blurred by it’s insatiable appetite for immediate gratification.


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