Finally some birds!!

I have been waiting all summer long it seems for my birds to come back around. I just haven’t had any volume to speak of since the Cicada emergence. I don’t know if it timed with fledging and/or if the 2nd fledging happened as they died off or what. Either way, they are finally back a little more consistently this week. I grabbed the camera and started shooting. And, it dawned on me that I need to show you all my new setup.

Platform feeder about 4 feet away from my kitchen window. It sits on an arm bolted to my deck railing.

I plan to catch some hummingbirds here, too. However, there just aren’t that many around MY feeder. My neighbor has them constantly around his. I grew impatient after 2 weeks of waiting and decided to toss some peanuts and black oil sunflower seeds in a platform feeder instead. The results were instantaneous. Here are some of the better pics after less than 24 hours. This setup will also help me hand train some of the birds if I take the time to do so. Hand training requires more time and committment than I am likely willing to put in.

In case they aren’t in the pics, here is a brief list of what I’ve seen today alone. Cardinals (taking nuts which I didn’t know they did), Blue Jays (the main reason I set this up), Nuthatches, Chickadees, a Dove, House Finches, a female Goldfinch checking things out, and Titmice. The action has pretty much been nonstop. The Blue Jays are finally figuring out I have food available. As I type I am watching two Blue Jays (never seen more than one at my feeders) take turns with a Cardinal…..and a House Sparrow that just discovered the feeder, too.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I also need to do an update of the garden soon. Summer veggies are taking off!


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