Birds are back!

Wish I had some pictures to share, but the birds are back to the feeders. Just as soon as the cicadas started dying down they started reappearing with their fledglings.

Yesterday, I saw a male Cardinal feeding his baby. I had to run for the camera twice, but once it had no memory card (common mistake by me) and the other time I had the wrong lens on. I raised the window, and they flew off.

I may have to retrain them to the window all over again because it’s been several weeks and the raising of the window may spook them for awhile. But, hopefully, I get some decent shots in the near future.

I have seen doves, sparrows, house finches, nuthatches, a blue jay, cardinals, a couple species of woodpecker, titmice, and my chickadees all in the last 24 hours. The traffic flow isn’t as high, but at least it’s back.

I may put a count in soon to compare, too. Keep Chuggin’!


2 Responses to Birds are back!

  1. Miriam Sagan says:

    Pictures next time?

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