New Sighting!!

People have asked why the birds aren’t eating more cicadas. I didn’t have much of an answer until today. THEY ARE! We just aren’t noticing. The cicada is big enough, the bird only needs one or two to fill up. And, they don’t take long to catch. I just saw a Blue Jay pop down two of them from my kitchen window in less than a minute and fly off. Then, I noticed another bird (I am thinking some kind of Cuckoo, seriously) that did the same thing and also flew off.

The birds are eating cicadas. They are just so quick to do it, we don’t notice most of the time. My feeders are suffering big time. I just don’t see any birds at them, and I haven’t for almost a month now. This coincides directly with the fact I have TONS of cicadas in my neighborhood.

If that sighting turns out to be a cuckoo, that will be really cool. I didn’t know we had them around here. But, with Whitecliff Park’s woods/quarry so close, we are bound to see anything over here. I love it!


2 Responses to New Sighting!!

  1. I have noticed several purple finches, which should have gone north by now. In Hillsboro, IL and Brownstown, IL. I also saw a pair of them eating cicadas off the ground. Think they knew about the cicadas and decided to stick around? Liz

    • I have noticed what looks like Purple Finches, too, this summer. However, if I post them for ID, I keep getting told they are really rosy House Finches. Those two are so darned hard to tell apart sometimes.

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