Week 21 Garden Update..(May 22)

So, funny thing….I can’t count. This week is the 21st of the year. I don’t know what I was thinking last week. Oh well.

The garden keeps going strong. Here is what happened….

I found my critter is a chipmunk, not a squirrel. I’ve seen this little bugger hanging around my bird feeders now. He is the only one that can get under the netting, and I’ve been focused on pulling it down tight. But, a chipmunk could still do it. I just didn’t know I had them around here. I know they are around, but I hadn’t seen one yet. So, plans are in motion to get him to move on. Deviant plans….haha.

This first picture is of my peas. They are approaching 5 feet in height. They are producing really, really well, too. All in about 5 inches of Mel’s Mix! I am getting several peas worth picking every day and the blooms are still increasing in numbers as the other “staggered” plants catch up to my early birds.

Next is my “peeker.” Another carrot wanting to be harvested. I don’t know how long I can hold out before grabbing him.

My broccoli is finally heading. First is a shot of how tall the plant is. It must be 30 inches high, but it’s at least that across, too.

Now, the head. It’s surprisingly small for a plant this size. I’m sure the heat set in and spooked it before it was really charged up to give me a better sized head. Oh well. It will be the yummz when I get it…..any day.

Next, my section of microgreens for salads. As I thin these guys out to normal plantings, the “thinnings” will make scrumptious microgreens for smaller side salads for me and my wife.

And, the tomato and pepper bed. My daughter is goofing around acting like she is pulling a pepper plant. But, I want you to see the trellis behind it. Instead of nylon netting, I chose to go with rebar for laying concrete. This “netting” is sturdy, but cheap…about $7 each. And, it’s permanent. No more cutting the whole thing down. I just cut the plants out when they expire in the fall. I wanted to use a biodegradable twine so I could just cut it all down and toss it in the compost pile, but I never got around to making a trellis that could hold my twine. Instead, I used small 24 guage wire to fasten the panels.

And, last but not least, my wild sunflowers. These have been planted by the birds. They are right under my water hose. They get all the leftover water from the garden. I can’t wait to see if they bloom. These are Black Oil Sunflower seeds that have sprouted. They are now about 2 feet high….the best I’ve ever seen from bird feeder sprouts.

The other thing to mention is my spinach has been pulled. It’s done for this spring. I replanted the squares with a radish, carrot, and two squares of bush beans. That was followed by a nice, long weeding session. When it comes to the SquareFootGarden system, that monster weeding session took 10 minutes to get everything from every square….I have 64 square feet of plants. Lots of tiny weeds, but they are nothing to pull thanks to how loose my soil is. Row gardening is for chumps. HA!

Till next week….Happy Gardening!


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