Birding in Week 21 (May 15, 2011)

Here we go. I got the chance to count some activity the other day. The weather is raining today, which gives me a chance to put in the bird stuff for the week.

I mentioned that the sparrows and finches are bringing their fledglings to the feeders. I wish I had some photos of it, but rest assured, I’m working on it. I just haven’t grabbed anything worth posting yet.

But, here is a count from Monday the 15th…..64F….sunny… new sightings (in the backyard…hint)

4 Mourning Doves, one I call RE-verse because he is trying so hard to attract a mate he is constantly backing up in a spastic manner. It’s funny to watch and he is the only one doing it. 3 Eurasian Tree Sparrows. 2 House Sparrows, it appears I’ve picked up a pair of these chumps. They have already overrun my Robin’s nest under my gutter and claimed it for themselves. 2 Cardinals, but there are a lot more. I have 3 nesting pairs close by. The Alpha Male I call Sir Albert (for Albert Pujols), and the female is Mrs. Pujols. Sir Albert spends a lot of his time driving the other males away while Mrs. Pujols eats. I contend Northern Cardinals are the most chivalric birds I watch. The male is really a hopeless romantic. He allows the female to eat first, and he often feeds her by mouth, too. He usually shows up first, and she flies in later when the coast is clear. Quite the spectacle to watch. 3 Downy Woodpeckers, but I know I also have three pairs of these around. 1 White-breasted Nuthatch. I call him Peter because he hops up and down the tree kind of making a peter peter peter sound. 2 House Finches. 1 Robin, bathing. And, 1 Black-capped Chickadee. I also have seen several squirrels bring their babies over. And, I noticed a Chipmunk. Most people think chipmunks are cute, but they are terribly destructive. I have my eye on this one.

My cicadas are also emerging. I saw one on my broccoli this morning. So, I included it, too.

Here are some of the better shots this week…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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