Week 20 Birds..

I thought I’d get a count in here since it’s been so long. However, the backyard has been very busy this week. We’ve had a cold snap down here after some very hot weather. The breeding birds have been hitting the feeders, and once the weather gets a bit colder suddenly, they really hammer it….taking all the free food they can get.

I’ve seen plenty of Robins. I see them most consistently. However, I’ve see as many as 6 male Goldfinches around at one time. I also saw up to 6 White-crowned sparrows, but it seems all but 2 have left me for the year. My Lincoln’s Sparrow has also gone away. In their places are the Eurasian Tree Sparrows. It’s funny that they were a bit scarce until these guys left. I think that’s just a coincidence. House Finches abound. I am trying to identify two strangers, though, that look a lot like female Purple finches, however, they are much bigger in size. They might be grosbeaks, but I doubt it.

I have yet to see the Starling Syndacate or the Grackle Gang this spring. They were a brief problem during the beginning of fall, but haven’t been around. I used to see a wave of grackles in late May, so any time I may see them again.

I will likely see the babies coming around soon enough, too. I am starting to see cracked Robin eggshells on the ground in random places. Fingers crossed…

Keep chuggin’!


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