Week 20 in the Square Foot Garden!

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Here are some photos of the current state of the SFG.

May 13th and I’m planting warm season stuff as I pull cool season stuff. My spinach is starting to struggle so I look to get it out of the SFG soon. I look to plant some more carrots and some more beans. My family isn’t that big on the beans, though, so I will likely only devote around 5 squares to them out of my 64.

My tomatoes are taking off. My peppers look great, too. So far, things are looking very good in my tomato bed, a 2×8 foot dedicated solely to those warm season climbers.

My 4×12 foot bed is mostly a salad bed. I am still waiting on broccoli and cauliflower to head. My lettuces are looking great, and I’ve planted a lot more squares. I have some good looking carrots and some that are really going slow. And, I just had my first snap pea….it was delicious straight off the vine! I see 4 or 5 more that are ready to pick. Maybe I’ll give the kids a taste.

See you next week. Keep chuggin’!


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