Updates coming..

As my workload has picked up with the growing season, my blog updates have fallen off the map. I will try and update three times per week going forward. Bear with me.

Update 1 will be a birding update. As spring kicks in, the birds are very active. I have been limited in my photography, but can still post what I saw during the past week.

Update 2 will be a garden update. Things are always happening in the garden, and weekly pictures would help me relay info.

Update 3 will be a weekly challenge for photography. There are lots of things I will shoot in a given week, but having one “theme” to also keep in mind will keep me focused on using my camera and stretching my creativity. This I am excited about since when I am not being creative, I fall back into snapshot mode…and into a rut.

This week’s theme is: Up. We’ll see what I can do with this one…


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