Week 16..

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Garden is growing. Should post pics soon. Peas reaching for string trellis, lettuces ready for another harvest, new seedlings coming up, tomatoes and peppers ready for transplanting, too. Had to open the netting to put the trellis in for the peas. Let’s hope the critters stay away…

I have literally had NO chance to take pictures of birds since my Dogwood tree has bloomed. I got out today, but it’s the first I’ve even seen birds feeding. I watch early in the mornings…nothing. I watch in the evening….nothing. The activity has completely fallen off since the winter visitors left. I no longer see my Juncos, and my flocks of finches have really thinned. The most common bird I see in the yard now is a Robin.

However, today, I did see some birds…finally. One Goldfinch male, two House Finch males, a pair of Eurasian Tree Sparrows, a Song Sparrow, and a couple of doves. That was it, and not at the same time. Those are the pics you will see. I have really been wanting to get the flowers in the background, but like I said, haven’t had the opportunity since the birds haven’t been visiting. My guess is they are nesting and starting to breed, as I’ve seen the resident Robin build a nest under my eaves.

Also in the pics will be Cedar Waxwings and a Chipping Sparrow. New sightings. The Waxwings a couple of weeks back, and the Chipping Sparrow yesterday. Hope all is well with you.


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