Week 15…Waiting for Veggies.

This will be a short blog update. I have had a lot of things going on lately and the blog has slipped down the priority list. I, however, intend to update it once a week with garden/birding info somehow.

My lawn season is running full speed now. That’s the biggest time constraint, along with 3 school-aged kids studying and needing some help with homework and such.

The birds are going nuts. I hope to get my newest sighting up…..Cedar Waxwing. A flock of 50+ migrated through last week. I got a couple of pictures, of course, but absolutely nothing to brag about. They stayed with me eating flower/leaf buds from a tree in my backyard, and leaving after about 5 days or so. What a treat to see!

The garden is likely going to take off this week. Our temps are supposed to be great, and overnights are supposed to be rather mild, for us (in the 40s and 50s). I have about half my squares planted, and have harvested twice. Once I harvested for a quick salad because I could’t contain myself. The other time, I quick-snipped lettuce leaves for burgers. YUM!

I need to build a trellis for my peas. And, I need to get the netting ready for my tomato/cucumber trellis. I plan to put some tomatoes outside on the 15th and again on the 30th of April, hoping to dodge frosts.

For now, it appears Old Man Winter has finally buzzed off of our region. Hang on to you up north of here a bit….he’s leaving. Not as fast as we like, but he’s leaving.


2 Responses to Week 15…Waiting for Veggies.

  1. Eileen says:

    Love the pictures of your birds… beautiful!

    • Thank you so much. The garden is taking away from birding at the moment. But, I will try and get some pictures up of my molting Goldfinches. They are getting more yellow by the day!

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