St. Louis Zoo…

Well, I’ll get to the zoo in a minute. But, first the birds and garden update…

Birds….haven’t had a lot of time with the garden going in lately. However, I can tell you my goldfinches are coloring up with every day I look. Spring is coming.

And, I did see a brand new sighting for my list…..Cedar Waxwings!! I think they are only passing through, but don’t know. They are stripping the flowering leaf buds from my Hickory tree and from my Sweet Gums. They have been here for 3 days now. I don’t have any quality pictures of them because I can’t get them close obviously. But, there are about 50+ in the tree when they are feeding. They are pretty cool looking birds, too. They have yellow and red in their bodies along with that distinguishing black mask. I hope I see them every year.

The garden is growing now. I planted more squares of lettuce and carrot yesterday. Everything I do now is directly seeded in the garden. I am done with seed starting and experimenting….too close to my frost date to worry about it. Come April 1st, I will try and put an update pic or two up.

Now, to the zoo. We took the kids with some friends’ kids last week on spring break. They had a blast. We have such a great group of friends to pal around with. And, the best part, the kids really get along. Hopefully, it’s evidenced in the photos.

Of course, what’s a zoo series without animals, though? They are in there, too. This posting is inspired by a forum question from

I recommend you stop by if you are interested in learning more about the technique/concept. The question being asked right now is about composting. What do the Denver Broncos, Indianapolis Colts, Starbucks, and the St. Louis Zoo all have in common? So, I had to post my zoo pics from the STL Zoo!! Enjoy…

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