Garden Update 3/12..

Quick update in the garden..

My seeds sown directly in the soil back on 2/23 finally started poking their heads up. I see two peas, two carrots, and one spinach plant coming up. 17 days later.

I also transplanted my lettuce tray…all but the strawberry cabbage because they need a couple more days to open up. I put my Vivian Romaine, Salad Bowl, and two squares of Simpson’s Elite in the garden, though. Those seeds were started indoors in vermiculite on 3/6…6 days ago.

Clearly, starting seeds inside and moving them directly outside within a day or two is the fastest way to the garden. I have yet to harden anything off, and nothing has shown stress.

My theory is that newly sprouted plants have no temperatures to be accustomed to. They receive no shock because they don’t know any better. And, seedlings naturally have to survive crazy initial swings in temperatures outdoors anyway…they can handle it. However, transplants growing in controlled environments have grown accustomed to certain temps….therefore, see shock more easily, if that makes sense.

Anywhoo, Keep Chuggin’!


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