Sub-freezing Temps Catch the HH Off Guard!!

The scenario: Days upon days of cloudy, rainy weather. This allowed hardly any heating inside the hoops. I think my highest temp inside the HH the past four days was 50F. That ain’t gonna heat the water jugs up much. Yesterday was supposed to be about 45F for a high…..but it never happened. We touched 39 briefly. The clouds were so socked in that there was no sun getting through to provide much heat. The wind was a bit blustery and that likely whisked away anything the soils absorbed. So, when the clouds disappeared at midnight-ish, we sank like a rock. The radiational cooling effect was tremendous. I, personally, wondered why the meteorologists didn’t adjust their numbers based on the fact they missed the daytime high so badly, but they didn’t. No winds to speak of and crystal clear skies mean temps plummet. We were forecast to hit 29 or 30, but went all the way down to 26F. And, my HH suffered.

I woke up this morning to sunshine and got outside as quickly as I could to get the 2nd layer off and let some sun hit the plants. Good news… frost inside the hoops. But, the trade off was my temps finally went below freezing. Down to 30 underneath the 2nd layer of covers. I don’t think that did any damamge, and it wasn’t at 30 for long I’m sure. But, nonetheless, I went under 32 for the first time since putting plants in there a couple weeks ago.

This colder than usual end to winter is trying to get me it seems. But, I still think the chances of me taking a hard freeze inside the hoops is minimal. And, I have cold season plants in there anyway. No tomatoes or peppers yet. Those won’t go in until after our actual frost date of April 15th…..and even then, I have a 50/50 shot at taking frost.

Playing the gardening game is always a gamble. You win some, you lose some. But, that’s half the fun. And, with starting my own plants from seeds instead of buying transplants, I lose pennies when I gamble….not dollars. That makes things much easier to swallow. All I lose is time spent….and that’s no biggie when this is something I would be doing anyway. 😉

As for the birds, I will post the week’s best photos. In here you will see the usual suspects. But, you will see a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker and a brown bird I have yet to identify with confidence. I am torn between an immature Common Grackle, a Rusty Blackbird, and a Brewer’s Blackbird. It sure looks like a grackle to me, but I have never seen a brown one like this. And, the head with partial black feathers looks more like a Rusty to me. If it’s a grackle, I should see him/her year round, unless it’s fading back north along with some other migrants. But, if it’s a Rusty, I won’t see it again until next winter….if I even do then.

Anyway, enjoy the photos, and remember…….Keep Chuggin’!


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