Garden Update..

Just a quick update. Not a lot has changed, but…

Hoops still hold well at 4-5F above outside air temps. I haven’t used the 2nd cover in awhile, and still haven’t dropped below freezing. Last night was 34/38F.

The veggies inside seem ok. The broccoli and cauliflower seem to be thriving. The lettuces are experiencing some apparent shock; however, I have other transplants ready to take their places if need be. No peas have sprouted, nor carrots from the direct planting I did 10 days ago….but that is to be expected (and I dont know the extent of the digging damage I took from a squirrel…or my dog.) I do have a spinach plant poking up from the direct seeding, so that’s exciting.

I will be transplanting carrots and more spinach this afternoon. These sprouted from the vermiculite cups method I used a week ago. And, the others from this attempt are already in the garden. More on that below.

I planted a tray of lettuces yesterday in hopes of transplanting them next weekend.

The method I am using is pretty simple. I was impressed enough with the vermiculite, I bought some brownie trays. I poked holes in the bottoms, and laid some paper towels over the holes. I filled them with an inch or so of vermiculite and watered it down. Then, in rows marked by popsicle sticks, I planted 5-8 seeds of each lettuce variety. I sprinkled dry vermiculite over the top and set aside for a few days. I should see something in a few days. When their baby leaves open fully, I will pull them out of the vermiculite and pop them directly into the garden.

Pics coming soon.


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