Lots of Activity Today, too..

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Quick count for you since the morning was so crazy active…

725am-740am…32F…cloudy with a dusting of snow overnight….no new sightings.

10 American Goldfinches…these numbers are really shooting up; I haven’t seen this many at one time since we’ve moved in back in September; I can’t really explain it yet, but I love it; Hopefully, a sign to come this year.

1 Titmouse…where there is almost always 2

16 Eurasian Tree Sparrows…all over the ground since I put the cheap mix down yesterday; I expect Grackles and Cowbirds to clean up the mess soon.

5 Cardinals…yesterday I saw 5 males; today I saw 3 females; I just don’t seem to see them at the same time often, and when I do, there is obvious fighting amongst the males….unless the weather is bad, then they all get along nicely.

10 Dark-eyed Juncos….they come in with the finches, usually, but today came with the sparrows.

7 House Finches…these guys have been a bit timid lately; They tend to stay up in the treetops while all the chaos is going on; They come down once the heat dies down.

2 Black-capped Chickadees

8 Mourning Doves….sitting in the trees and dabbling on the ground.

8 European Starlings…came in and took over the feeders until they realized they can’t eat at them very well and quickly left.

2 Downy Woodpeckers…male and female.

1 Red-bellied Woodpecker….a regular

2 Purple Finches….the female is regular; the male is rather rare, but comes in with the house finches.

1 Robin….still hoping for worms

2 Song Sparrows….I am so happy to see these guys coming around more frequently. I just love the native sparrows. It gives me hope that the House Sparrows haven’t overtaken everything….yet.

1 Blue Jay….yesterday 3 of them hung in the trees; Today, one came into a feeder and chattered at me a bit; Typically, only the one comes to the feeders, but we have a lot of them in the area here.

And, for the HH, I didn’t use the 2nd layer of plastic last night because it was raining and I didn’t have anything to protect in there since I’m only running the experiment on holding temps. I didn’t get out early enough this morning to take a reading. However, the air temp got down to 32F, so I assume I got to 33 inside…..but when I checked, the max/min had just reset for the day and it was reading 42F with an air temp of 33F at about 10 am.

Keep Chuggin’!


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