Weather Report for Garden/Feeders..

Last night was another below freezing. We even had some suprise freezing rain that surprised everyone judging by the traffic accidents all over the city. THIS was the Icemageddon we were supposed to get several weeks back….lol. I have heard of several multiple car pile-ups around the city….one is 26 cars of accident!

That is all because temps dipped to 27 degrees overnight. They knew that was coming, but didn’t know about the rain apparently. So, it froze on contact….even to the hoophouse. I had to shake the ice off to add a couple of milk jugs while checking the lows for the night.

The HH held again. 35F overnight. 27 air, 35 HH. That second layer of plastic and the milk jugs are winners. I am maintaining a good 6-8 degrees of differential overnights. I can likely get into the 24-25 degree range before having to worry about my plants suffering severely. In fact, some plants, like spinach, can likely handle life in the HH with the outside air dropping as low as 22*. As March approaches, my percentages of reaching a hard freeze, below 24F, drop like crazy.

Our weather in STL is scheduled to really have some ups and downs over the next several weeks. It looks like a late start to spring around here. However, I have my HH and am quite the gambler when we are talking about seedlings that cost mere pennies to get started. I think I’m planting outside this weekend. GITSUM!!

A brief mention about the birds and feeders. As expected, the calmer weather has driven birds to finding food elsewhere lately. Traffic has been a little on the lower side. I still see finches, sparrows, and juncos, but most of my traffic is decreasing in numbers. Harsh weather will bring the flocks back undoubtedly. One quick thing that I thought was really neat, though, I saw 5 American Goldfinches at the same time. I haven’t seen a flock that big at the feeders…usually two or three. I have seen up to 15 House Finches, as comparison.


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