HH update 2/23..

Copied word for word from a forum thread post. I don’t do this often, but tonight, I’m feeling lazy…

Never got close to 50. Barely hit 42. The sun was never out….except for an hour or so early morning and the last 45 minutes of the day….basically, the worst sun angles possible. That said, the HH popped to 65 briefly, but is already back down to 50F.

We are currently hitting our daily high. We may continue to warm for another half hour, but that won’t change the HH’s high. So, call it….42/65.

Today…limited sunshine….27/35 lows…..42/65 highs. Tonight’s low is supposed to be 38, so I am leaving the 2nd layer off. I expect the “HH low” to match it….maybe 39. Either way, no chance of freezing. If I had plants in there, I still wouldn’t use the 2nd cover.


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