The Hoops Survive!!

That’s right, folks, the hoophouse survived a 25F night! Woohoo!

The air temps here dropped to a reported 25* overnight, and were still 25* when I went outside at 735am. The sun had been shining for a bit, though, and the hoophouse was already up to 36*. The max/min thermometer said the low was 33. I don’t know for how long, but it never got below freezing.

And, that is pretty amazing considering: 1) We had zero sunshine yesterday and thick overcast. 2) The high temperature was at midnight the night before. The air temp was in the low 40s from about 10am onward….mostly near 42F.

Given the sunshine today, I expect to get a good pop in temps inside the hoops. I already took the 2nd cover of plastic away to expose the milk jugs and soil to some sunshine in an effort to obtain max temps today. It is supposed to get back to 27 or so tonight. After sunset, I will go back out and put the 2nd layer back in place. I have little doubt I will stay above freezing tonight.

It looks like my air temps can drop to the mid-20s and I will not have a killing frost. A couple more times of this, and I will have a lot of confidence to garden into the mid-20s….that may get more a month or so on either end of St. Louis’ typical growing season. Keep Chuggin’!


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