Final Count Day and HH Update..

Final day of the GBBC and I didn’t get a very good one in. There just wasn’t much about other than my flock of House Finches. However, after my count, I did see a new one pop in… A Song Sparrow!! I had one at my old house, and he was a real favorite of mine. He would just sit and sing to me, and once I identified his song, I realized he sang A LOT! This guy was like a wren or chickadee…constantly singing. I missed him so much once we moved, but seeing this guy was a great sight.

However, this one is twice as big as my former buddy. He looked like a White-throated Sparrow, of which you’ve seen pictures from me. But, no white throat. My other SS was about the size of the chickadees. So, I was thrown off a bit when I saw him. The quick snaps are over on the right in my Flickr pages. I took a couple quickies and threw them on my photography forum for an ID. They confirmed him as a Song Sparrow.

As for the HoopHouse, I wrapped a second layer of plastic in there last night. Our temps were supposed to drop after midnight and all day. However, we have flat-lined at 42*. And, the HH is holding steady at 52. That is great. The second layer is really giving me some protection. I have laid that plastic over the top of the water jugs to trap as much of the water’s heat in as possible. I can’t wait to see what happens tonight, when we are supposed to drop to 25. If it can sustain above freezing temps tonight, I will be ready to transplant on Friday…the 25th…my original target date. And, the spring season will have officially begun here in my backyard.

I haven’t checked record lows in awhile for my area, but 25 this late in February is definitely possible, but not all that common. After March 1, it would be crazy to see temps drop into the teens. So, with that track record, I would be willing to gambooool with Mother Nature. Now, that I expressed my arrogance, watch her burn the crap out of me. But, I will just………Keep Chuggin’!


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