Hoop House Update..

I have been doing tons of research on hoop houses, green houses, hot boxes, and cold frames.

The main issue with hoop houses is….heat loss. What I experienced last night….the temps returning to normal immediately after losing the sun angle….was normal and should have been expected. Of course, being a rookie, I was shocked. The 3.5mm plastic I was using was pretty thin and a poor insulator. Everything I read recommended 6mm plastic.

I put 6mm on this morning, and with a day of full sun, I noticed the temps of 102F at 2ish pm. That was with 74ish degree afternoon air temps. But, I also noticed the wind. It was MUCH windier today than yesterday and the 6mm held up great. Yesterday, the plastic kept pulling away from the bricks used to anchor it down. Today, I didn’t need to do anything at all. So, my initial thought is that 6mm is indeed more durable.

I didn’t get the water jugs in today, so I’ll have to do that tomorrow or over the weekend. But, that is going to be my main weapon against heat loss. That thin plastic just won’t do much to retain heat. My goal is to put the gallon milk jugs in and spray paint them black to hold even more heat. Hopefully, from what I’ve read, they should keep temps up overnight by releasing heat slowly. Remember, all we need is 32+ degrees.

Another trick I have up my sleeve is to save the 3.5mm plastic and make another cover. That dual protection really helps according to the articles.

My plastic fits just barely over the sides with hardly any slack to put bricks on. So, eventually, I plan to cut a foot off the length of pvc pipes just to give me more “play” on either side. That should help me anchor things down, too.

More work and more tweaking, but I’ll get it right. Again, learn from my mistakes……and Keep Chuggin’!


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