SFG Planning..

First, the birdies. Activity is light for the impending snow. We are set to get 3-5″ of the white stuff across the area this evening and overnight tonight. However, the birds haven’t increased their activity as of yet. My son usually gets hyperactive before storms, too, and he wasn’t this time. So, it has me wondering if this won’t pan out like the meteorologists say? Or, if my observations are far from foolproof? Time will tell.

As for the SFG (Square Foot Garden), as mentioned this is a complete technique to gardening that differs immensely from traditional row gardening. I am trying to plan my grids (square foot plots), and trying to maximize my space while rotating crops at the same time. I am a massive overthinker when it comes to this stuff, and being the off-season is no help. If it were already spring, I would just jam some things in the ground and worry about rotating or replanting when I ran out of space. But, with nothing to do yet, I am drawing on paper and really overthinking/obsessing over this stuff. Although, it is lots of fun to stretch the brain in this way.

However, I landed a huge item last week that will help me in the garden. My dad built a shelf, rack, lightstand, whatever you want to call it for my mom back in the early 1980’s. This thing is huge, and it was built for her to hang her ferns and hanging plants on in the winters. My mom had some two dozen hanging baskets of flowers, and it just didn’t make financial sense to toss them and start from scratch every year. So, he designed and built this light station for her complete with dedicated flourescent lighting on timer switches. When I get a picture, I will post it for all to see. Considering my father is not a craftsman, it’s really a neat set up.

I asked her about it the other day just thinking I was laying claim to it in case she ever decided to throw it out. To my surprise, the response was basically, “when can you take it?” She never wanted to throw it away…because it’s that cool…but, she wasn’t using it, either. When I showed a little interest, she almost couldn’t unload it fast enough. And, for that, I am excited.

What it will allow me to do is start seeds indoors for the gardens. I have never done this before, so it’ll be an adventure. And, since all plantings revolve around the average last frost in your area, I have to get busy. I am wanting to try broccoli this year, and it’s a cold weather plant. I can plant it as early as 12 weeks before the last frost and transplant it outdoors about 6 or 7 weeks before the last frost. Broccoli is that hardy, apparently. So, if my last frost is on tax day here in the STL area, looking at a calendar, I need to get the seeds started next week!! That doesn’t give me much time to get things set up.

The others I will start indoors will be lettuce, peppers, and tomatoes. I may add some annual flowers, too. But, the main thing is to learn how to time this for the garden. Lettuce is another cooler season plant that can handle some frost. I aim to have some in the ground around St. Patrick’s Day. The tomatoes and peppers, however, have to be timed to go into the ground as soon as the frost date has passed. So, they need about a 6 week head start indoors. Most of my planting activity can wait until late February, but I need to get this station set up before then.

So, I’ll keep you posted, and Keep Chuggin’!


One Response to SFG Planning..

  1. Garden Grower says:

    Would love to see a picture of the case when you get one. SFG is wonderful. I have done it several years now in some form another. I can relate on over thinking garden plans. Half the time when it actually comes time to plant I do something completely then what I planned for. lol

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