1-4-11 backyard bird count..

Good activity today in just five minutes of watching.

8am…28F…sunny…no new sightings.

Lots of “problem” birds around today, but none worth chasing off. They simply weren’t bothering anyone, myself included. The Grackle Gang was only 4 strong, but they brought 2 Brown-headed Cowbirds to the buffet with them. I don’t mind that too much because the grackles and cowbirds have been focusing on the millet almost exclusively. They just don’t get into the sunflower seeds much. This, adding cheap mix, has really started to change my thinking when it comes to these birds. It gives them a proper distraction so they don’t consume much of the sunflower seeds…leaving it for the songbirds.

A couple of European Starlings were poking through the grass, 5 of them. However, they weren’t fighting over the suet like I thought they might. I have replaced my suet with a new flavor, party mix, and I don’t seen anyone fighting over it. The Red-bellied Woodpecker and Downy I saw were after sunflower seeds today instead.

I had 6 Dark-eyed Juncos under the feeders scratching around near 10 Eurasian Tree Sparrows. Again, no problems with these guys….not that I ever have a problem here. 4 of my House Finches were causing the most noise, and they brought an American Goldfinch with them for breakfast. I saw three of my Northern Cardinals, two males and a female, and contrary to what I usually see, they weren’t fighting over territory.

Alson on the ground were up to 15 Mourning Doves in a nice flock. They will sometimes try to get up on a feeder, but usually stay to the ground. I have trimmed my nyjer feeder to a narrow enough ledge that they can’t get on it since they do have a fondness for nyjer seeds, and they can consume a lot of that expensive stuff. But, since I’ve done that, they haven’t been an issue, either. However, my strange sighting of the day goes to the American Robin I saw amidst all this. This guy just sat on the fence and watched….almost thankful he eats berries and worms and doesn’t have to put up with all this bull around the feeders.

I have also priced out my SFG (square foot garden), and created a materials list. Look for the next post, likely Thursday, to contain the details. I will be out of town tomorrow taking pictures from behind the scenes of something cool. For that, too, you will have to wait. But, I hope it’s worth it since it has nothing to do with birds. Worth it for you…..it will definitely be worth it for me.

Keep Chuggin’!


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