1-2-11 backyard bird count..

Happy New Year, everyone!!

915am…21F…sunny…no new sightings..

Woke up this morning and saw about 20 blackbirds scatter. I couldn’t tell the makeup of the flock, but there were Grackles in there I could hear. They quickly came back and I saw 2 Red-winged blackbirds mixed in. I would assume there were more, but I can’t be sure. Last time I saw a mixed flock, it had cowbirds in it. I also noticed my cardinal about to molt again…he is looking raggedy.

15 Starlings came through the yard, 4 finches – 1 purple, 4 ETSparrows, 1 Cardinal, 3 Donwys, 2 Juncos, 1 White-breasted Nuthatch, 1 Mourning Dove, and 1 Grackle….although I know there were more nearby.

I have noticed that by adding the cheap mix of seed, which I found for a steal at the local ACE Hardware store (60 lbs for $9!), I have really been saving on the sunflower seeds. Last I was out to fill sunflower seed was a week ago. My feeders have barely been touched. Granted, the activity has been pretty light, but still…. The cheap seed seems to be keeping the bigger birds, like Grackles, off the feeders and on the ground where they belong. They hop into my platform feeder, but that is what that feeder is for. So, I’m really pleased with my current set up. I may get out and grab a pic for you again. But, instead I leave you with these.

Also, worth mentioning, our area was hit by a round of New Year’s Eve thunderstorms. They dropped some tornadoes close by and we lost power for most of New Years Eve. Not a great way to go out, but we sure dodged a bullet. In this post are also some of the pics I took of the event. My small run as a photojournalist years ago can’t be contained in events like these.

Keep Chuggin’!


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