12-29-10 backyard bird count..

Activity is light and intermittent today to say the least.  With the impending weather, I expect traffic to pick up throughout the day, meaning lunchtime and later afternoon, and tomorrow morning.  Tomorrow should be busier than today.  Here is what I saw..

9am…32F…overcast w/ light mist…no new sightings.

Most of the snow is melting, and should be gone by tomorrow night.  Temps are forecast to get into the 50’s tomorrow and push 60 on Friday (New Year’s Eve).  Granted, we will have to deal with rain showers, but I can live with that after the cold and snowy December we’ve had. 

I need to replace all the feeders today with fresh seed.  The snow really drained them.  However, I am a bit surprised I haven’t had to do so sooner.  I am seeing more Grackles and Starlings, but not really losing a lot of seed.  They are mostly attacking the cheap mix and suet, respectively. 

I saw ALL of my regular Cardinals.  3 males and 2 females.  I saw several of the finch flock with one Goldfinch.  I saw a couple of doves and a couple of Juncos, but no Chickadees or Titmice, which are usually short to follow the finches.  A Downy came by, the male.  And, I saw one member of the Grackle Gang, but three of his ugly cousins from the Starlings.  I need to come up with a name for them that starts with “S.”  I may have to check Roget’s Thesaurus for ideas…lol.

Bicker, bicker, bicker...just grab it and go please.

I leave you with a pic of the Starlings fighting over a piece of bread in the yard.  If you remember back to the Zero to Hero:  Food installment, I don’t recommend feeding bread because the only birds that really eat it are Sparrows.  I probably forgot to mention Starlings, but they eat it, too.  And, this fight is the result of my kids or nieces/nephew tossing their Christmas Day bread over the railing of the deck.  (Can’t police them all the time, you know.)  But, anyway, I got a reminder as to why I don’t like these birds.  They are aggressive and quarrelsome.  And, they don’t mind if it’s with their own or my songbirds.  But, anywhoo, we will stay vigilant in the fight against them over here, and as always, Keep Chuggin’!


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