SFG – Square Foot Garden Planning cont..

Not much to mention, but I wanted to toss in a picture of the area I have carved out.  Measuring 20′ X 20′, this area is dedicated to my gardening.  I won’t come close to using it all because I need 2-3 foot walkways between gardens for easy access.  My plan is to enclose this area someday and mulch around the beds so I don’t have to mow and trim around the raised beds.  Not necessarily to save the work, but to keep from blowing grass clippings and weed seeds into my gardens.  Mostly it’s a preventative measure, but it can also really dress the place up.  I love my back deck so much, and I want what you see from it to be equal to the task.

As I said yesterday, tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers will go up against the house on a trellis to be less obtrusive.  That area, in the picture, is along side the air conditioning unit.  Of course, I need to keep some space away from the unit.  And, yet another reason for 3 foot walkways….some day that unit will need to be either serviced or replaced.  Let’s hope it’s not for several years, but you never know.  The last thing I want is to have to rip out garden beds so the guy can access the a/c.  Because we all know that will happen about 2 weeks before I get to harvest the crop that I worked hardest on up to that point.

The area, not defined just yet, will run from about the yellow broom in front and the closest fence post you can see all the way back to the house.  If I don’t enclose the area, you will walk right down from the deck, or out the lower level back door, and right into the garden.  However, the beds won’t be very close to the concrete pads because I want plenty of space for you to walk around them.  I plan to mulch around all the beds, but put decorative pavers in the mulch to step on.  The paths should take you right through the garden as you walk in from the gate, deck, or back door.  And, you will also be able to view the gardens from the deck which is about 15 feet up in the air.

Again, to visualize what I said yesterday.  I will have a two foot wide bed against the house by the a/c unit.  Another two foot wide (but, 12-15 foot long) bed running from the fence gate to about the yellow broom.  I am still deciding if I want it right up against the fence, or out a foot.  Up against the fence could create an eyesore for my neighbor, but pulling it out a little will create a grassy, unkept problem for me.  And, I think when it all comes out in the wash I will win the debate since it’s all inside my fence, and my neighbor is super cool about things.  In fact, he will probably really like watching the garden take shape since he, too, is an outdoorsy kind of guy.  Plus, I’m pretty tidy when it comes to this stuff so I doubt he’ll have anything to complain about.  But, I may need that fence as a form of trellis for pole beans, peas, and other climbers not going in the tomato garden area.  A lot of the stuff I am wanting to grow is going vertical!

The other 4X4 squares will be between the fenceline and the deck.  I can get several in there, but as of now I think I will stop with 2.  But, you never know.  This may be like buying a boat…..two-foot-itis.  We’ll have to see.

I was shopping online for seeds last night, and I found a couple sites I think I will try.  As I gain a little more experience, I plan to publish a post about that.  However, I am not going to really plug anyone, just sort of list where I chose to go.  I won’t do any endorsing until I have a couple seasons under my belt, as I know squat about buying seeds online at the moment.  Transplants I will buy from Lowe’s or a local nursery when we buy our annuals around Mother’s Day.

Hope you can visualize this better with the picture.  Keep Chuggin’!


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