Square Foot Gardening (SFG) Planning..

I will go more into the techniques of SFG soon, but until I get some pics up, I discovered a couple things while reading/pondering and walking around the snow in my slippers this afternoon…lol.

Here is my plan for the new area, as I was out scouting locations this morning….

I have two locations I can choose from that get sun. One up against the house and deck. The other is along the back fence about 75 feet away from the house. Well, Mel says to keep things close, and I want to keep the yard mostly open for wiffleball and the like for the kids. So, I decided we will go up against the house.

I measured out a 20′ X 20′ area to work in over the next couple years. This year, I will build a 2′ X 10′ bed right up against the wall of the house and dedicate it annually to tomatoes, pepper, cucumbers, and possibly something like radishes and carrots in front. That way my vertical stuff is unobtrusive to the rest of the yard. Obvoiously, the rotation will come in sliding the vines over from year to year and/or putting a fall crop in like lettuce, etc, when the tomatoes are spent.

I will also run a 2′ X 13′ bed along the first 20′ of side-yard-fencing. I don’t know what will go there, but it’s a tremendously efficient space that I can’t bear not to utilize. The other beds will be 2, 4′ X 4′ or 4′ X 6′ beds between the deck and side-yard-fencing. The overall 20′ X 20′ space will be well underutilized and provide plenty of room for future expansion. I would ideally like to close it all off and install a gate to keep my boxer out.

The 2′ runs will be the first ones installed because they keep the yard open. My only issue will be the 2 x 13 run because I want to go well into autumn around here. I need to get a hoop-house of some sort over that bed, but think 2′ may be too narrow.

The primary crops will be: Tomatoes (duh), Lettuce, Cucumbers, Carrots, Potatoes, Beans, Snap Peas, and, hopefully, Asparagus. I will sprinkle Marigolds in for color, and can’t wait to get started!


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