Backyard Christmas Birds..

My daughter has taken over a lot of the counting duties on her own lately.  She was so surprised when she opened her first pair of binoculars, too.  She is really taking to the birding with obsessive fervor, which is fine with me obviously.  As a result, I haven’t done an official count in three days.  She has been doing the counting and immediately running to to enter her numbers.  But, just to let you know, the feeders have been rocking the past couple of days.  Here are some pics to prove it.  In this set, you will also see a dove that apparently had a close call with a hawk or owl.  This wound looks like it gets down to the bone, but from a distance it looked like he had a funny hairdo.  For the rest of what I’ve shot lately, click on the Flickr links in the right margin.

I have also been doing a lot of reading lately in my SFG book.  I may link you there sometime soon, too.  Some people on their forums have some really neat designs…very creative.  I am starting to think about where I will put my new garden, how many square feet I will commit this year, and what I will plant to get me a full three seasons of growing.  I will keep you posted.  If you’ve ever thought of planting a garden, I have the easiest way for you to learn.  You just have to check into the blog regularly.

I still haven’t had much of a chance to work on a content article, but I am getting the impression the pictures are what people are looking for.  So, I will continue with a pretty heavy dose of images as often as time allows.

Keep chuggin’!

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