Christmas Eve backyard bird count..

Early this morning, and we heard the chatter,

 We rose up the sash to see what was the matter. 

And, what did we see to our surprise,

 but many, MANY of our backyard guys.

Ok, so I’m no poet, but that wasn’t bad off the top of the head.  And, to tell the truth the feeders were ridiculously active.  Just as predicted by the coming storm and recent layoff.  I saw more birds than ever this morning, and they are still there.  I read once that if the birds eat in the rain/snow, it isn’t going to stop soon.  If they don’t, it’s likely just a shower.  Well, if that holds true, we are in for a longer duration snow here.  We are only supposed to get a few inches, but it’s going to take all day according to the weather men.

On to the count..

800am…29F…snowing…no new sightings.

The Grackle Gang showed up in full force.  At one point I saw dozens of Grackles, Starlings, and Cowbirds.  However, when I “threw up the sash,” I only saw their “ashes” flying away.  What came back was:  3 Commone Grackles, 8 Brown-headed Cowbirds, and 3 European Starlings.  There were many, many more originally.  My guess would be 40-ish between my yard, my neighbor’s yard, and the backyard trees.

I also saw 12 Finches, only 2 Goldies, and no Purples.  Strange because the last snow all I saw was the Purple finches.  4 Cardinals, two pair.  5 Mourning Doves, 3 Blue Jays, a Downy, a Red-bellied Woodpecker, 2 Chickadees, my Carolina Wren, and about 15 Juncos.  However…

I have never seen so many sparrows!  I saw a House Sparrow that made me analyze the flock even further because I don’t see them often anymore…just the Eurasian Tree Sparrows.  But, in there, I did see my White-throated Sparrow, too.  But, upon further analysis, I counted 36 Eurasian Tree Sparrows!!  Yes, you heard me….36!

Several times there were at least 50 birds poking about.  But, I counted over 15 species of birds in just about 30 minutes of watching.  To me, THAT is fun.  And, having my daughter help me count was a blast.

Upcoming hint:  I have been studying Square Foot Gardening again, and cannot wait for the weather to start to warm again.  I had one built in my previous house’s backyard, but I am eager to get a couple in this yard.  I will chronicle this from start to finish in a few weeks.

Merry Christmas, and I leave you with the gallery of shots, including my daughter counting in her journal.

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