12-23-10 backyard bird count..

Our Christmas storm is approaching, and the feeders are showing it.  We noticed a bump in activity yesterday, and also noticed we needed to fill the platform feeder with cheap mix and peanuts again.  Within minutes of putting in the peanuts, the Titmice and Nuthatches attacked!  2 hours later and they have nearly emptied the peanuts.

Here is what I saw today..

1pm…33F…overcast…snow melted (for now)…no new sightings…

2 titmice, 3 downy woodpeckers fighting over suet, 1 WB Nuthatch becoming more and more regular again, 10 house finches, 4 juncos, 4 chickadees for an all time high, 1 carolina wren picking peanuts and suet, 4 eurasian tree sparrows, 1 house sparrow, and 5 mourning doves.

As the storm gets closer, I expect things to really buzz again for awhile.  Have a safe Christmas, and here is a shot of the nuthatch doing what nuthatches do..


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