12-20-10 backyard bird count..

Several pictures coming, but it’s been an inactive few days for me…..Christmas coming and all.

820am…33F…cloudy…no new sightings

Most of the snow has melted, and the activity around the feeders has been weak to non-existent the past couple days.  I was getting used to walking by the window and seeing 30 birds around at any given time.  However, the past couple of days I’ve been lucky to see 3 at the feeder in what should be peak times of activity.  I guess there is no immenent weather approaching.  We’ll see if it ramps back up as the week goes on since we are supposed to get some nasty weather for Thrusday and Friday.  If my theory is correct, the feeders will get super busy on those days.  I did catch a nice bump for these 10 minutes, though, so here is what I saw…

24 Mourning Doves (that’s right 2 freakin’ dozen of them), 9 Finches (2 Goldies), 1 Downy, 1 Carolina Wren, 4 ETSparrows, 1 female Cardinal, and 1 BC Chickadee.  My Junco population has all but disappeared lately I’ve noticed.  In the past couple of days, I did see The Grackle Gang make some appearances, and their ugly cousins, the European Starlings, came out 7 strong.  However, they are apparently just passing through.  I hope they will only be a problem when the weather is really cold and food takes more effort to find.  I guess we’ll see.

I hope to get some great shots up soon.  We are planning a trip to Alton, Illinois, in January to watch for Bald Eagles.  My daughter is really getting into the bird watching, so this is sort of a trip to give her something new to see.  We tried this a couple of years ago, but she wasn’t nearly as interested in birds then.  I am trying to locate some binoculars for her, too.  I may have a content topic on binocular buying coming because I am doing a fair amount of research….and it’s different than buying a camera.

Keep Chuggin’!


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