12-15-10 backyard bird count..

I must admit I have fallen behind on the content post for the week.  I had some snow plowing to do and several other odd jobs that have kept me from really working on an article.  It’ll come, but it’ll be late…haha.

I woke up this morning to The Grackle Gang.  They were 20 strong and crushing the feeders.  I stopped and watched for awhile and realized that they really can’t do a lot of harm.  They can’t get much out of the mesh feeder because they can’t scratch and fling it on the ground.  They can’t get much from the hopper feeder for the same reason.  But, the feeder they can destroy is the platform feeder with the millet and cheap seed in it.  I really don’t care because once the Gang leaves, the Doves and Juncos come in and clean it all up.  I even saw a White-crowned Sparrow yesterday in there with the others.  I hope he comes back because I couldn’t get a picture of him/her.  But, that’s yet another sighting this week.  Word must be getting out that Shay Whitey’s is the place to be for your cold weather buffet.

Let’s see…730am…22F…thin overcast…still snow on ground…new sighting yesterday: White-crowned Sparrow

20 Common Grackles, 1 Cardinal, 13 Finches (6 Goldies, haven’t seen the purples in a few days, however, I think I saw a couple today, but can’t be sure.), 9 Dark-eyed Juncos, 6 Mourning Doves, 1 Blue Jay, 4 ETSparrows, 2 Downys.

That Blue Jay is becoming my White Whale.  That guy comes in hops up on the perfect perch and buzzes off when I come to the window.  He is really starting to frustrate me.  It doesn’t help that he’s become my 5 yo son’s favorite bird either.  I have nailed almost every bird in the backyard now but the Blue Jay.  I put peanuts in the platform feeder yesterday specifically to get a better chance at him.  And, I doubt it’s any coincidence that he came around this morning.  Hopefully, I hear a few of them chattering over the next few days.  I know, I know, be careful what you wish for come spring because they can be mean birds.  But, right now, I just want to get a picture of him for my son.  I’ll deal with the aftermath I create when the frustration gets satisfied.

Tomorrow I plan to work on that content post AND go through some other people’s blogs.  I have been looking at Nature Blog Network and have found some VERY nice blogs.  I need to leave you guys some comments, too.

Here are some shots from the past couple days.  The flicker shots are unprocessed because they suck….just for the file for now….


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