12-13-10 backyard bird count..

So glad this isn’t Friday the 13th! 

730am…4F…winchill -11F…clear/sunny with 3 inches snow on ground…new sighting: NorthernFlicker

Yes, I saw a Flicker yesterday.   I may post a photo tomorrow.  But, today is just a quickie count.

9 Dark-eyed Juncos, 13 Finches (3 Goldfinches, no purple), 3 ETSparrows, 1 Cardinal, 2 Downys, 2 Mounring Doves

That’s all I saw this morning.  I’m sure I’ll see more throughout the day.  That Flicker yesterday came flying in like he owned the suet feeder and chased off my Red-bellied and Downy Woodpeckers.  I also notice that the Goldfinches have a pecking order with other species.  I just saw a Junco run a Goldie off.  That Goldie, however, was lower on the totem pole than other Goldies because when he ran over to the feeder sock, he was quickly displaced by another Goldie.

If you ever want to see Natural Selection at work, just observe nature with your eyes open.  In this cold weather, my birds are dying to eat and keep their reserves up.  They try and try to get to the feeders, but some are just more adament about it than others.  That is natural selection!  Yes, we feel a bit sorry for the ones that won’t stand up and fight harder, but the strong will survive……errr, the strong with ENSURE that they survive. 

Not to turn this political, but it’s the same in the real world with us humans.  Some of us have better work ethic than others.  Some of us are more ingenius.  Some of us just make better decisions.  It isn’t an indictment of us personally.  It just is what it is.  However, it urks me to no end for our government to jump in and try and save the letches that just sit around and contribute nothing to the group as a whole.  Yes, life is precious.  But, you have to give to get.  Give of your talents, and you shall reap rewards.  However, sit and wait for the government to feel sorry for you?  Just like the little birdies that won’t fight hard enough to eat or breed, the letches of society will slowly weed themselves off……if we just let them.  In my opinion, the world becomes a better place without the dead weight dragging the rest of us down with them.

You know, God gives us hurdles and flat stretches both.  He gives birds hot summers and cold winters.  He is ensuring that we keep fighting.  If we fail to fight, we perish….just like the birds.  It really is that simple.  Apply it how you see fit.  However, it seems that in this day and age, all we want is for the government to step in and slow things down for us.  We don’t notice how much this hurts us in the long run.  I say “Let God throw me obstacles.”  After all, if everything were rosy and sweet, we’d be in Eden, right?  And, isn’t that really our reward for trying to live our lives correctly and to the fullest down here?  Isn’t Eden what we are FIGHTING for?  Then, don’t wait for a handout.  Get out there and ensure your own damned survival!

Take that for what it’s worth.  I don’t know where that came from, but I will rant from time to time here.  Hmmm, now maybe it’s more poignant to say my little slogan now…..Keep Chuggin’!


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