12-12-10 backyard bird count..


We had about 3 inches of snowfall overnight.  The temps dropped like a rock, too.  Yesterday afternoon, it was about 42F shortly after lunch, however, by midnight, the temp had dropped into the low 20’s.  This morning, the temperature was 22F with a wind chill of 10F.  I was plowing snow until about 11am.  When I returned home, I did a count and snapped some pics since the feeders were so busy…

1115am…19F…windchill 9F…cloudy with snow on ground…

8 Dark-eyed Juncos, 9 Finches (3 Goldfinches, no Purples), 5 Eurasian Tree Sparrows, 2 Northern Cardinals (pair), 2 Downy Woodpeckers (possible pair?), 4 Mourning Doves, 2 Common Grackles, 1 Red-bellied Woodpecker, 1 Black-capped Chickadee.

I had fun watching the Goldies swinging on my feeder sock.  They DEFINITELY prefer the sock to the mesh tube nyjer feeder.  Watching them swing in the 35mph wind gusts was kind of neat, but at one point, they had to bail to a brach and sit some wind gusts out.  The wind just proved to be too much for them for a couple minutes.  I need to keep my feeder socks up because the numbers of Goldies are increasing as I do.  Another note:  Finches can be difficult to identify accurately, especially house and purple finches.  So, from now on, I will do like above with listing the total number of finches and separate what I KNOW for sure in parenthases.

The Juncos were all over the ground, and my initial subject of photos.  But, with all that traffic, I suddenly went into free-for-all mode and lost any patience whatsoever.  I just got excited and started snapping everything I could with very little regard to composition.  So, what you see today will likely be lower IQ than my best.  But, it was fun first of all, and quantity produces quality sometimes, too….lol.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the Downys and Red-belly were sharing the same branch.  They weren’t close enough to get a shot of them in the same frame, but it was cute to see.  However, when Mr. Red-belly wants his suet, the Downys scoot to the side very respectfully.  I think I have my best shot of Mr. Red-belly yet.


One Response to 12-12-10 backyard bird count..

  1. Scott says:

    Nice photos … I have a similar project of getting to know our place back here “south of the phil (philadelphia)”. Your shot of the carolina wren confirms my recend i.d. of the same bird. Thanks!

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