New Sightings!

This won’t have a count, per se.  However, it will contain my newest sightings!  I had two yesterday. 

First, the Brown-headed Cowbird.  He hangs with the Grackle Gang, but I hadn’t seen him before yesterday.  These guys aren’t the worst looking, but they are guilty by association to me.  And, I don’t like their practice of laying eggs in another bird’s nest to fool that bird into raising the cowbirds’ young for them.  They can prey on my Cardinals, and I don’t take kindly to that….being a St. Louisan and all.  Yes, I get it….”it’s nature’s balance” you say.  And, that’s fine.  I appreciate and respect Mother Nature.  I do.  However, I don’t have to like her more unruley minions.  He came in so fast I didn’t get a shot of him, but I would have liked one….for the files.  Oh well.  Hope I don’t get another chance at him because once they jump into the fray, they can eat seeds just like the Grackles can.  And, if they take up residence nearby, your House Finch and other songbird nests are suddenly at risk.  Again, I know nature balances out, but just once, I would love to see a Red-shouldered Hawk fly through, miss a Mourning Dove, and take that Cowbird right off the tree.  That would be some sweet justice right there.

Next sighting was the Yellow-bellied Sapsucker.  Yes, it’s a real bird.  I didn’t think so either until a couple years ago.  I thought it was made up like the Snipe Hunt…..boy scouts know what I mean.  But, snipes turned out to be real, and so does the Yellow-bellied Sapsucker.  Huh, go figure.

I got a pic of him.  He visits a tree next door.  My image quality is pretty poor, but I still have….one for the files.  This little guy looks like a downy or hairy woodpecker, but with red on the chin as well as the front of the forehead.  The downy has red on the back of the head, and the hairy woodpecker is almost the same as the downy except a little bigger.  The Sapsucker, though, is considered a keystone species in the community.  Apparently, other species depend on the Sapsucker for survival.  The Sapsucker makes holes that other birds feed from, too.  The Yellow-bellied Sapsucker is only a winter visitor down in the St. Louis area, but apparently a welcomed one by several species of birds.  I hope to get a better shot than these.

As always, Keep Chuggin’

Let’s update that species list, too.  Remember, I don’t count the geese and whatnot I see as I drive around town.  This isn’t a life list…..just what has visited my yard, or what I see from my windows and deck.  And, the asterisks are the birds I have an image of…

– Carolina Wren*
– Eurasian Tree Sparrow*…aab lookup
– Northern Cardinal*
– Tufted Titmouse*
– Black-capped Chickadee*
– Blue Jay
– White-breasted Nuthatch*
– Ruby-throated Hummingbird
– Mourning Dove*
– Common Grackle*
– American Goldfinch*
– Eastern Phoebe*
– Hairy Woodpecker
– Downy Woodpecker*
– American Robin*
– Brown-Headed Cowbird
– Red-Bellied Woodpecker*
– Northern Mockingbird
– House Finch*

– Brown Creeper*

– White-throated Sparrow*

– Purple Finch*

– Dark-eyed Junco*

– Yellow-bellied Sapsucker*


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