Chilly Tree Rats!!

"Yes, you in the window, it IS a tad chilly out here."

I gotta admit, I have had no time this morning to watch the feeders.  I see low volumes of the usual suspects.  However, I did notice a squirrel that was obviously chilly.  It’s a raw 36F and overcast here.  In fact, there is snow falling about a 2 hour drive to our east, and Indianapolis (4-5 hours) is expecting accumulations in the 2-4, possibly 6 inch, range.  I am fairly certain Chicagoland is also getting accumulating snows of a few inches.

I love watching the squirrels wrap themselves in their blankets and huddle up.  I feel for any animal that lives in the cold, not that this is brutal cold yet, but I also realize they are way better equipped to handle it than we are.  And, I don’t suppose they feel it like we do.  So, it’s probably relative anyway.

Basic advice:  Keep your feeders full, and, if possible, keep fresh water out.  I am not taking my bird bath down this year.  I don’t have an electric heater, but I will chip away at the ice until it gets too cold.  I also have a creek not far away that the birds obviously know about.  I need to venture down that way soon just to check it out.  I haven’t been in over a month.

Keep chuggin’!


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