12-2-10 count..

Not much exciting today. My “theory” may be taking a hit since it’s both overcast and cold this morning. It’s about 28F outside, but no wind.

The usual suspects are around. Lots of finches, but not high volume. My cardinal pair popped in briefly, and my doves and juncos are scratching around on the ground. My ETSparrows are buzzing around and causing most of the chatter.

However, I did see a Grackle today. I let him eat since he was alone…and eating the millet. I was keeping a close eye on The Marauder when a European Starling flew into the yard. If you can believe it, this is the first Starling I have seen since moving here back in September. I may despise Starlings more than Grackles if that’s possible.

He was checking out a crevice in a tree as a potential spring site near as I can figure. It was a tight squeeze the more I watched him come and go, so I doubt it’s suitable. However, I know nothing of these things so I’ll just have to watch and see in a few months. Good thing is he didn’t even come close to the feeders…even with all the activity of 8-10 birds buzzing about. I’ll take that because I know what will happen if he finds the suet.

Again, not a great day, and with the overcast skies, I don’t even have a photo to show off. Maybe soon. However, we are in for some really rough December weather the next 5-10 days. Highs are forecast to stay below 40F. It’s all relative, I know, but this is abnormally cold for The Lou.

Keep Chuggin’


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