Cracking Shots..

As much as I would like to put up today’s “content” post, I must divert because I am very pleased with what I shot this morning at the feeders.  Let’s start with a count…

715am…27F…partly cloudy…no new sightings…

Eurastian Tree Sparrow – 8, Finches (Purple and House) – 12, Dark-eyed Juncos – 4, Northern Cardinal – 3, Downy Woodpecker – 2, American Goldfinch – 2, Mourning Dove – 5, Black-capped Chickadee – 1, Common Grackle – 5.

So many birds buzzing about the feeders this morning.  At one point I had 15 on the ground alone.  As you can see from the count, the Grackles came in last because all was going well until they showed up.  When they get to 5, I know the flock is coming, so I bust them off.  Today, they gave up quickly and moved on.  In 2 minutes, the feeders were crazy with little birdies again.  The Cardinals were still struggling for territory a bit.  I have one I will call “Pretty” from now on because he molted so well.  He is about the brightest red I’ve seen.  Sometimes they just stay a bit dingy looking, but not Pretty.  He is also the one doing the chasing…go figure.  My Downies were hitting the suet fairly hard, too.  So, that was also good to see.

I can’t explain to you how difficult it is to distinguish the Purple Finches from the House Finches unless you’ve tried yourself.  They first have to sit still.  And, even then, the only shot I have is the lighter stripe above the eye for the Purples or the brown-ish stripe under the eye for the Houses.  Females?  Yeah, right.  I don’t even try most times.  Hopefully, I get better, though, because the Purples will disappear in the spring, and I will undoubtedly lose a little traffic because of them and the Juncos alone.

Here are the shots.  “Pretty” takes front and center today.  But, I tossed in a couple others for fun…


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