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I ran out briefly today and grabbed a caged suet feeder.  I quickly hung it in my tree along with my other feeders that currently contain Black Oil Sunflower seeds and Nyjer seeds.  The suet cake I grabbed was heavy on the peanuts, and I am hoping to draw the woodpeckers over to it.   I know in advance, chickadees, woodpeckers, titmice, etc will mop this up with a biscut once they find it.  However, I am trying to get a better shot at my Red-bellied Woodpecker, and possibly my first shots of my Blue Jays and White-breasted Nuthatches.  If I am really lucky, a Brown Thrasher or Catbird will find it, too.  I live so close to some heavy woods that there have to be Thrashers around.  {fingers crossed}

You will also see that I have put some of the “cheap seed” in the platform feeder.  I am also hoping to catch some of the birds scratching through the seeds and scattering it onto the ground.  Again, if lucky, I will see some more varieties of sparrows searching around the ground.  White-throats and White-crowns are what I am looking for, but I would also like to identify some varieties I haven’t seen yet, as well. 

All told, this new investment cost me about $12.  $4 for the suet cage, $2 for the suet cake, $4 for the 10lb bag of cheap seed (with millet filler), and of course $2 to Uncle Sammy.  Keep watching for the results.

Here is a shot from my perch…errr window….from where I shoot my birds.  Upon just checking, I noticed 2 chickadees, 2 House finches, and 2 Juncos checking things out already.


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  1. Meredith O. says:

    I love experimenting to see how I can attract more birds. Right now I’ve got some homemade feeders outside, and though I’ve seen birds on them, I’ve yet to capture a picture of them there! I’m thrilled to report that I’ve got two new bird sightings on my regular feeder — I think a Downy Woodpecker and a kind of nuthatch. I’ve got to remember to try again in the morning. By the way, you’ve got some gorgeous bird photos so far!

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