Finally….A Shutout (11-28-10 count)

Well, I just sat at the window for fifteen minutes and never saw a single backyard bird.  That is pretty rare, and especially surprising given the activity I’ve had the past week.  But, here is why in my opinion…

  • Bright, sunny day getting close to midday.  Birds are generally skittish this time of day.  After all, name the wildlife you know of that comes out at noon.  Deer, fish, wolves, whatnot aretypically more active in the dawn and dusk periods when the light is low on the horizon.  Overcast days can thwart the heavy activity in these time periods, but things still center on daybreak and day’s end.
  • Today is a tad warmer.  The sunshine makes it feel even more so.  I would imagine since the temps are getting close to 50F today, the sunshine is having some affect on leftover insects and other natural food sources.  Kind of like us feeling “cabin fever,” it wouldn’t surprise me if wildlife gets the same feeling.  We’ve witnessed it when “spring has sprung” and the animals seemingly come out of hiding to frolick in the sunshine, haven’t we?
  • Backyard buddies really fatted up over the recent run of weather.  And, if you have followed me here, or elsewhere, you can remember I have made  mention of this “pattern” before.  I love watching weather and I have noticed that animals get more active in advance of storms.  It’s as if they know to batten down the hatches.  Who knows….maybe it’s the same instinct that drives the blue hairs to the grocery store to stock up for weeks when a half inch of snow is forecast?  But, all exaggeration aside, I firmly believe there is something to this instinct.  Before it is supposed to rain, birds will be more active around the feeders.

Those are just a couple things I can think of.  But, here is the official count.  Let’s hope we don’t see it again…

1015am….45F….sunny….no new sightings.



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