YAY for New Sightings!

Finally, something new to say! I saw my first White-throated Sparrow and Brown Creepers yesterday. I was watching the Dark-eyed Juncos in “Grackle strong” numbers this afternoon outside my front window. They were eating Gumball seeds from the ground like it was Thanksgiving….haha, it was Thanksgiving. There must have been 20+. So many I had to have my daughter come in and count them for me. I have never seen so many. They covered my front yard, my neighbor’s yard, and were also across the street. I tried to snap some photos, but they were still spaced too far apart to get more than 2 or 3 in the frame….not enough to show you the sheer numbers I had. I have seen Juncos before, but never like this.

Anyway, I am admiring this, and it starts to snow of all things. The weathermen mentioned sleet, but not snow. So, as you can imagine the birdies with their high metabolisms were just eating like crazy. The feeder, the yard, it really didn’t matter. I could have thrown oranges and apples out there and the birds would have attacked the fruit like it was zebra thrown into the lion’s den.

As I watch, though, I see this goofy bird fly in and attach himself to my Hickory tree in the front yard. Hmmm, it looks like a Brown Creeper. But, the last time I thought I saw one, it turned out to be a Carolina Wren that liked to feed upside down. But, upon further checking, this one I am 75% sure was a Brown Creeper. So, I’m counting it as one…lol. I took a poor picture of him (below). As I am reviewing my new prized possession, another different looking brown bird zooms in below the same tree. I look and stare and see the white stripes on his crown. I grab my camera again to take a quick ID-type of snap. I am thinking my White-Crowned Sparrows have returned for the winter. But, to my amazement, I notice something different when I zoom in on the photo…..the yellow lores? This is no White-crowned Sparrow; it’s a White-Throated Sparrow! I double check on AllAboutBirds.com and sure enough that’s what I saw. Holy cow, two new additions in one day! Stellar Thanksgiving it has been.

I was planning on sticking these photos in with a daily bird count.  However, I never got a chance to count the birds today.  Please excuse the poor images.  It was hard to hold the camera still with kids and a dog jumping on the couch trying to keep an eye on the birds…


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