11-18-10 Backyard Bird Count..

Activities around the wild bird feeder this morning involving my backyard birds…

Well, my oh my, how things change in 24 hours.  We got some much needed rain overnight (we literally have .03 inches since Labor Day), and the activity spiked immediately!

745am…47F…overcast and damp…

Popped open the shade and saw birds, birds, and more birds!  Why didn’t I hear them sooner?  I chased off the Grackles.  When that is my first move of the day, it sets the mood…..and tells me the Grackles are craving some Shay Whitey’s for breakfast.  But, after the Grackles moved on, I saw such a variety of birds.  My Titmice were back and in a pair.  My Black-capped Chickadees came in fussing and making all sorts of noise…probably frustrated from the Grackles.  My Northern Cardinal pair came in and took some House Finches off the feeding spots.  And, in there with the bunch of finches and Eurasian Tree Sparrows, I saw a pair of American Goldfinches perched patiently.  All in all, I would say there were about 16 birds bouncing around the feeders.

That gave me the opportunity to see who the real bosses are.  Obviously, the Grackles.  When they buzz in, everyone heeds warning.  But, my House Finches are showing a clear pecking order amongst themselves, too.  However, any time a larger bird comes in, they yield right of way.  The finches even yield to the ETSparrows.  However, the Chickadees are fairly fearless, only yielding to Cardinals and Grackles….and anyone that heads straight into the feeders.  If a bird stops and perches for a bit, the Chickadees are in and out so fast it never poses a problem.  My Cardinals are skittish towards me, but not to the other birds.  I watch the male stand his ground against Titmice and swarms of finches and sparrows.  He just sat there.  One bird attempted to come into his perch, and he just looked at it like, “Seriously?  You can’t see I’m already here?”  I was impressed.  Oh, I saw another male Cardinal poking around, but he was quickly driven off.

I will be out of town for the weekend, so I intend to come back with my first Attracting Birds post for you.

Stay tuned, and Keep Chugging.


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