3…2…1…Blast off!

I suppose it’s time to give my frustration it’s outlet.  Lots of times if you can’t find a problem’s solution, there is a market to create THE solution yourself.  I have been searching and searching and searching…….and searching for a blog, article, series…..anything that will teach me, and others, to build a backyard bird garden with the goal in mind of taking pictures of our little backyard visitors.  You know what?  Virtually nothing exists on the web.  Well, there are some posts and articles, but nothing that goes into any depth.  Most just leave things up to your imagination after giving you the 3 year old basics.

I don’t know about you, but……… I WANT MORE!! 

And, I hope you do, too.

So, here is my “solution.”  I, yes, I said….I….will jump into the fray and start my own blog about the trials and tribulations of designing backyard paradises for our feathered friends.  I will lay out my ideas.  I will take photos for you as illustrations.  I will provide knowledge as I learn it……on the fly.  You will see updates on my own garden and feeding system.  You will hear me air my thoughts.  You will see my ideas for the future.  And, you will see articles I’ve read reposted in my own way of writing things.

If you’ve ever wanted to see someone throw caution to the wind and get everything wrong, or if you’ve ever felt like YOU are that person, well, you have found a home.  No judgements.  No criticisms.  Not from me anyway.  Because if you want to see something done wrong, redone wrong again, and finally headed in the right direction, that’s my mantra for life.  Just keep chuggin’.  Who knows, you may even laugh at me along the way.  God knows I have.

Welcome aboard if you follow this from the very beginning.  And, thanks if you backtracked to catch up.  Remember:  Keep on Chuggin’!


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